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Email – A Cutting-Edge Classic

What is probably the most important form of communication in the modern world has just gotten better. Access your mails from anywhere at any time.

We are being inundated by waves of emails - both within a business setting and privately. And that’s something that will likely get even worse as time progresses.

We want and we must be able to react quickly at all times. planetarymail helps you reign in your emails. Order and manage the onslaught of emails with tags and folders. Many other features bring new joy to old tasks.


  • hosted in Germany
  • no provider advertising
  • data protection: ACTIVE
  • virus & spam filter incl.

Experience Email in a New Way

Premium spam filter: SPAM EXPERTS

planetarymail provides a premium spam filter for all of its users free of charge.
Just like us here at planetarymail, SPAM EXPERTS wants to bring best service and top notch fuctionality to its customers.
On this way SPAM EXPERTS blocks 99.98% spam an reachges a false-positive-ratio of less than 1 in a million!


planetarymail can summarize email dialogues in so-called conversations. Instead of all 3O mails that Henry sent in the last hour, you would see, for instance, a single line summary.
This is great because it keeps you productive while also making it easier for you to keep track of other needed information. And should you receive an attachment during your conversation, you can add it to a new mail at any time with just one click.

Tags & Folders

planetarymail helps you to keep things in order – more so than our rivals. Individual groups or themes can quickly be identified with tags.
This allows you to focus on the emails that are currently important to you. planetarymail also allows you to create folders, as many as you like, and also keep them distinct from one another through the use of different colours.
Just tag your emails and drop them into folders. – This kind of freedom is truly magnificent ;)


Why should you be able to manage device-independent emails online but have to download attachments to view them? planetarymail can display office documents, images or PDF files, for example, online. Time saved – thanks you planetarymail!

Download several email attachments at once with just a click of the mouse or simply drop them into planetarymail's Briefcase.

Search & Find

planetarymail’s high-performance search function will save you lots of time. Not only can you search through emails and files with it, indeed, planetarymail can even search attachments!

You can enter any number of parameters for a search. You can save complex search queries and then execute them later with a click.

So much more!
Of course, we also offer identities and aliases, signatures and filters. Additionally, you are able to integrate external accounts like those from our rivals, for instance. On top of that we back-up your entire account every day, making lost emails a thing of the past.
Try planetarymail now! 30 days absolutely free of charge and no strings attached! Try It Now!