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Modern and Secure

Load your data into your own individual cloud. Access your data from anywhere you wish without giving it away to the NSA or to us - because your cloud floats over Germany and we're respecting your privacy!

More and More Things Are Available in Digital Form – Access This Data from Anywhere

planetarymail offers 25GB of disk space initially. Use this space to also store your online data in your personal cloud. You can load it with just a few clicks. Thanks to the possibility of creating folders, you will never lose sight of the big picture again. You can also share this data quickly and easily. An entire rights management system is at your disposal. And, in contrast to Google or Microsoft, you don’t have to give us any of your data.


  • accessible world-wide
  • mobile with WebDAV
  • online preview
  • Folders & Tags
  • complete Rights Management

Your “Everywhere Hard Drive”


25 GB is available to you initially (this includes email, attachments, appointments, files). You can increase your capacity in order to keep even more data available at any time – and at an affordable price.

Thanks to WebDAV it’s easy to integrate the stored files into your operating system.


Saved data can be shared in the same way as emails or calendars.

Make this data available to internal users with read and/or write access or to external users with read access only.


There is no need to download something only to find out subsequently that the data was not what you wanted.

planetarymail allows you to preview your data online in many different formats (including doc/.docx, .otf, .xls, .ppt/.pptx, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .png).


With just one click, you can attach saved documents/files to an email. Online. No need for inconvenient intermediate storage or the like.

Yours and Yours Alone!
When you save your data online with Google and Microsoft, you grant these companies full access rights to this data. Neither of these companies would erase your data if you were to cancel your membership with them. As you know, these companies work closely together with intelligence agencies and it is very likely that they have passed along your data at their own initiative. This is something that we don’t do. You don’t have to give us your data. Your data is deleted when you delete it. As a German company, we are exclusively bound to the laws of Germany. And we take the strict German data protection laws very seriously.
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