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To Know What’s Coming Up

Declare war on stress with the most high-performance calendar you’ve ever had. Organize your appointments, tasks, locations and gear. Stay in control and get back behind the wheel.

Planning is Half the Battle

Next to emails, calendars are the main management tool for your day-by-day administrative tasks. planetarymail encompasses a calendar that is head and shoulders above the rest. Separate displays for all-day and short-notice appointments, location and resource management, appointments across various time zones… All of this makes our calendar one of planetarymail's most powerful tools.

Appointments! Appointments! Appointments!

  • several calendars
  • scheduling oversight
  • object/space management
  • clear overview through cross-fading

Forget About Forgetting

More Variety

Life is diverse. That’s why you can create several calendars that are distinguished through various colours in planetarymail.

In order to avoid confusion in your schedule, you can display these calendars individually or all at once. This is done using clearly structured cross-fades of your appointments in their various calendar colours.


To prevent you from losing track of your “to do” list, planetarymail also offers a task management function. Note down your tasks and their state of progress.

You can, for example, create separate task lists for various projects in their corresponding colours. Convert an email into an appointment or task with just a click and add as many attachments as you like.

Background Information

Along with text and documents, you can also add extensive additional information such as images, videos or audio to an appointment entry. This way you will have on hand all the needed data when needed.

Resource & Space Management

In many companies, not only do employees need to be organized but resources as well. Whether these are devices or vehicles – planetarymail offers a very effective resource management function.

This allows easy managing of locations such as rooms or buildings and will help avoid mix-ups like double-booked conference rooms or projectors.

Do you travel a lot? Do you have to organize appointments across the globe? planetarymail can deal with this effectively. You can select from various time zones when adding appointments. This feature is so fine-tuned that you can begin an appointment in, let's say, Central European Time and let it end in a different time zone.
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