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State-of-the-Art Address Book

Everyone is familiar with it, everyone has one: An address book. planetarymail’s personal contact management functionality gives you a better overview of your real social network.

THE Address Book

Contacts must be cultivated and managed. planetarymail provides you with the ultimate address book. Individual distribution lists, GAL (global address list), detailed personal information. This is a standard function that has been perfected by planetarymail. And, thanks to ActiveSync, now all of your contacts have the same up-to-date status, regardless of the device used.


  • centralized contact management
  • ActiveSync synchronization
  • save detailed information
  • here, too: Folders & Tags

Cultivating Your Contacts in a Customized Way


We are acquainted with colleagues, clients and providers. We have friends, family and fellow club members. With so much diversity, a single address book just doesn’t cut it.

With planetarymail you can create several address books. This helps you save time searching and lets you retrieve the desired contact information quickly.

Tags & Folders

Tag and sort your contacts in folders to avoid confusion. You can choose individual designations and select from 50 different colours. Share your planetarymail address books and folders with others quickly and conveniently.

Distribution Lists

Create multiple, individual distribution lists with planetarymail. Keep your friends and colleagues or clients up-to-date about your latest developments without having to enter all the recipients each time.

The following is a list of things you can save under planetarymail contact entries: Contact photo, salutation, name (first, middle and last name, maiden name, suffix and nickname), position, department, title, company/organization, email address, telephone numbers (cell phone, business phone, business fax, company phone, private telephone number, private fax number, pager, callback, assistant, car telephone, miscellaneous), InstantMessaging (XMPP, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, other), address (private, business, other), URL (private, business, other), miscellaneous (birthday, anniversary, user-defined), notes.
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