Planetary Networks GmbH

A little introduction to the firm behind planetarymail.

As an owner-run company, we offer our customers much more than just the services offered. We set ourselves apart from the competition and win clients over through our unusually high motivation and our determination to go an extra mile for our clients. Short chains of command guarantee fast solutions for our clients.

We have been winning over our - primarily business - clients with our services for over 13 years now.

Along with major companies in the industry and commerce sectors (Carl Kühne KG, Quirin Bank AG, for example), computer retailers and smaller providers, our international clients also include discerning private clients who rely on our infrastructure and experience.

We host planetarymail solely on two different Berlin-based sites.

These data centres are in separate locations and technically independent from each other.
Access is restricted to authorized personnel and each visit is formally recorded - independently of us.

We have a ISO9001:2008 TÜV certification.

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