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Hosted in Germany.
We respect your privacy
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Stay mobile
Receive mails rather than retrieve them
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with every OS, every email client
... or simply online.


No hardware, no personnel - and no licenses.

  • Very low-priced
  • you can use your own domain


Add any number of accounts - easily and quickly.

  • terminable monthly
  • rapid deployment


Servers in Germany, data in Germany

  • backups included
  • antivirus/antispam included
The easiest way to stay informed!
Synced mails, contacts, appointments & tasks through all of your devices. Just like that.

Premium Email and Collaboration in the German Cloud

Email, addresses, tasks, appointments and files. Everything is centralized and synchronized across all devices and operating systems. Accessible across the globe and device-independent. We make electronic communication and teamwork as easy as it should have been all along. And we do this at a preposterously low price - you won’t believe it.

planetarymail is an email and collaboration platform that offers an impressive alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server, for example. Perhaps you have already worked with a collaboration solution and are aware of the advantages that centrally-managed email, contact and calendar administration offers?

planetarymail offers the usual scope of perfomance but goes a few steps further by providing lots of useful and practical additional functions that make your work more enjoyable, productive and effective. We don’t even begin with the possible cost savings towards a classical on premises hosted solution.

Organization & Productivity

Apart from the applications already mentioned, planetarymail offers additional features that vastly simplify collaboration within your team and with partners or clients. Tasks and files can be centrally-administered thus enabling content and knowledge to be conveniently shared. planetarymail makes it possible for several users to centrally organize and coordinate tasks, projects and schedules with one another.

A project chart as well as a space and resource management tool round out the package.

You do not need any additional personnel or time resources to administer planetarymail as this service runs on our servers and is maintained by us. The costs incurred for planetarymail services are way lower than any solution you host and manage by yourself!

planetarymail will help you free up your daily work routine. It is a product conceived for the post-PC era. Why should you be limited to just one device, one operating system or one location? Exactly.

We recommend that you use planetarymail’s convenient and intuitive web interface. This will give you worldwide access from any web terminal and enable you to reap the full benefits while taking advantage of all the program’s features. What’s especially great about planetarymail, though, is its high compatibility.

If, for whatever reason, you prefer – or must – use an old-fashioned local email application, this is also possible. planetarymail can be set up quickly and fuss-free using any operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, Windows Phone, iOS Blackberry) in any standard client (for example, Thunderbird, AppleMail, Outlook, KMail etc. pp.)

Try planetarymail now! 30 days absolutely free of charge and no strings attached! Try It Now!